White Papers

Jun 1, 2015
VERNON TOOL® tube cutting machines have been used for decades to increase the production capacity of today’s leading handrail manufacturers. The unique CNC controlled plasma cutting process eliminates the need for most secondary processing like sawing, milling, and notching. Manufacturers can use one machine to convert raw materials into immediately usable parts for a multitude of handrails, staircases, and safety rails.
May 21, 2015
VERNON TOOL® pipe profilers are manufactured as both roller bed and chucking style machines. The advantages of each design are specifically engineered for the industry and pipe size that will yield the highest productivity with the smallest material handling labor cost. Through five decades of experience, it has emerged that roller beds are better for cutting heavier, larger diameter pipe, while chucking systems are better for lighter, smaller diameter pipe. Choosing the right pipe-cutting system design for the desired application will have a long-term effect on your bottom line profit.