Selection Guide

Not sure where to start or which VERNON Tool™ pipe cutting or 3D profiling machine is best suited to your industrial process? The interactive guide below will quickly guide you to the machines that will best match up with your particular cutting requirements.

Power Generation & Process Piping

Focus: Pipe used in the processing or transporting of a liquid, gas, or solid.


Common elements: Long lengths of small diameter pipe; simple saddles, miters, tees & elbows; headers and maifolds


Cut types: Miters. Saddles, fishmouthes, elbow supports, fabricated fittings, centerline offsets, reinforcing pads, high volumes


Vernon Machines: MPM ~Pipe Cutting Machine, VAS ~ Abrasive Saw

Structural & Offshore Construction

Focus: Pipe is used for structural support; Offshore jackets, subsea frames, boat landings, heli-ports, & flare stacks, building atriums, space frames, airline terminals & hangers, sports areanas, electrical towers


Common elements: Longer lengths with complex intersections on ends, heavy-wall, larger diameters


Vernon machines: MPM ~Pipe Cutting Machine, MTC ~ Mastertube Cutter

Pressure Vessel Manufacturing

Focus: Rolled sheet or seamless pipe containers for conversion or processing of low and high pressure gas or liquid (heat transfer); Heat exchangers, boilers, separators, condensers, pumps & turbines


Common elements: Larger diameters, thin and heavy walls, mutiple holes with centerline offsets, circumferential vevels on holes


Vernon machines: MPM ~Pipe Cutting Machine, MTC ~ Mastertube Cutter

Original Equipment Manufacturer

Focus: Pipe is used for structural, architectural, & process purposes; Miscellaneous steel fabrication, pedestrian handrails, livestock enclosures, vehicle, aircraft & farm equipment & accessories, playground equipment, safety guards; and electrical panel supports


Common elements: Small diameter and rectangular sectins, speed, repeatability.


Vernon Machines: MPM ~Pipe Cutting Machine, MTC ~ Mastertube Cutter

Warehousing, Pipe & Supply

Focus: Resale of pipe cut to length. Some value-added suppliers


Common elements: Ease of use, material handling effciency


Cut types: Straight cuts with bevels


Vernon machines: VAS ~ Abrasive Saw