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The VERNON Tool™ abrasive saw relies on a simple combination of powered turning rolls and high speed abrasive wheels to perform straight cuts and weld preparation bevels. Integrated pipe conveyors permit one person to load and unload pipe from either direction without overhead lifts or extra people. Improved safety and lower cycle times result from centralized cutting and automated material flow. A simple 5-step procedure ensures high production and minimal training. Pipe is positioned under the cutoff blade or beveling wheel. Variable height turning rolls raise the pipe above the conveyor pass-line. Front and rear pipe stops are secured to prevent pipe creep. Pneumatic hold-down rollers descend to the pipe surface and the abrasive wheel is hydraulically lowered through the pipe wall.


Vernon Abrasive SawVernon Abrasive Saw

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1)  Cut and bevel diameters (up to 24 in O.D.) in minutes with uncontaminated, machine like quality. See Cut Time Calculations

2)  Finished pieces are ready for immediate welding - - no cleanup of heat-affected zone.

3)  Abrasive wheels cut material from carbon and stainless steel, alloy, ductile iron, ceramic, plastic, to cement-lined pipe. See Abrasive Can Be Good

4)  Turning rolls rotate work piece and flat rollers convey pipe to speed material throughput. See Sequence of Operations



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