MPM - Pipe Cutting Machine


  • Process and Power Piping
  • Mechanical and HVAC  Contracting
  • Shipbuilding, Offshore, Marine Construction
  • Structural Pipe Trusses
  • Pressure Vessel Fabrication

Types of Cuts:

  • Straight
  • Saddle
  • Miter
  • Tee
  • Multi-saddle


  • Gusset slots
  • Double miter
  • Elbow support
  • Pipe to cone
  • Reinforcing pad

Vernon Tool MPM


Safer, Single Operator Material Handling 

safety requirements

Convey raw metal pipes and tubes onto the machine bed to be cut and profiled by a single operator. Roller bed CNC pipe profilers have proven to be more efficient and safer for all involved. Pipes are fully supported in the cutting bed and can easily be positioned over finished piece trays to simplify the handling of your finished parts. 


This operator can process a fully loaded rack of raw material into finished pieces without the use of an overhead crane, and without additional personnel to assist with material handling. This method of operation leads to significant savings in labor and increased production. 


The Vernon Tool MPM 

safety requirements

The Vernon Tool MPM is a robust and proven pipe profiling solution that has been known to last 50+ years in the field. The build and design of this industrial CNC pipe cutting machine will be sure to stand the test of time in some of the harshest cutting environments on the planet. Whether your pipe cutting application requires oxy-fuel or high definition plasma cutting, you can rely on the Vernon Tool MPM to consistently provide high quality beveled and weld prep ready cuts. Machines are available in 2, 4, and 5 axis configurations, with expandable machine beds and conveyor lengths to fit your business’s unique layout. Professionals are standing by to discuss an industrial pipe profiling system that would be best for your business. Call us today at 775-673-2200.



Machine Bed Specifications


  Model 0224 Model 0348 Model 0460
Pipe Diameter 2”"-24”" 3"”-48”"


Maximum Weight Per Foot 250lb/ft (375kg/m) 1,000lb/ft (1,500kg/m)  1,500lb/ft (2,215kg/m)
Maximum Total Load 5,000 lb (2,250 kg) 22,500 lb (10,200 kg) 50,000 lb (22,700 kg)
Maximum Cutting Speed 200 ipm (3 m/min)  200 ipm (3 m/min) 200 ipm (3 m/min)
Rotation Speed 0-200 ipm (0-3 m/min) 0-200 ipm (0-3 m/min) 0-200 ipm (0-3 m/min)
Conveyor Speed 0-55 fpm (0-17 m/min)  0-55 fpm (0-17 m/min) 0-55 fpm (0-17 m/min)

Profiler Specifications


Number of Axes 2, 4 or 5
Max Torch Travel 41 ft’ (12.6 m)
Max Prep Angle ±70°(oxy)/±45°(plasma)
Out-of-round Compensation (2) Analog Proximity
Intersection Angle Range 1-179°
5-Axis Bevel Head Rotation ± 360°


Time Studies 

safety requirements

Material handling can make up for a large portion of the time invested in processing pipes and tubes. Vernon Tool decreases this time through the implementation of conveyors and roller beds. This combination fully supports the material during cutting, and allows a single operator to control the entire operation. The loading and unloading of large diameter pipe can be very tricky and require a lot of dangerous overhead crane and forklift operation. The Vernon Tool MPM design automates this process by powerful conveyors to load the pipe into the cutting bed.

It’s safe, efficient, and easy to implement. Check out our time studies to see how the Vernon Tool MPM pipe cutting machine can further optimize your facility’s operations.



safety requirements 

  • Preheat Torch
  • Two-torch Straight Cut Off
  • Inkjet
  • Plasma Marking (Standard on Lincoln Electric Plasma)
  • Fume Extraction


Cutting Methods


  • Oxy Fuel
  • Lincoln Electric® Spirit® II FineLine® High Definition Plasma Cutter

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