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Handrail and Fencing Manufacturing by Vernon Tool

Jun 1, 2015

Vernon Tool handrailVERNON TOOL® tube cutting machines have been used for decades to increase the production capacity of today’s leading handrail manufacturers. The unique CNC controlled plasma cutting process eliminates the need for most secondary processing like sawing, milling, and notching. Manufacturers can use one machine to convert raw materials into immediately usable parts for a multitude of handrails, staircases, and safety rails.


The MASTERPIPE® Compact profiling machines are able to create a weld ready bevel edge. Parts can be directly delivered to the job site and easily welded for quick assembly. This advancement will reduce the time it takes to deliver a finished product, and will increase the penetration, strength, and durability behind each seam.


The proprietary software is also programmed with customizable end and mid-section cuts that cover nearly all handrail manufacturing applications. Saddle, miter, straight, elbow, round, rectangle, and saw cuts are all pre-programmed into the cut library. The WINMPM software is a proven system that is fully supported by Lincoln Electric and comes with free updates for the life of the machine.


MTCArchitectural and structural fabricators will find that Vernon Tool machines can accurately cut parts within very tight tolerances, making them the ideal machines for pergolas, trellises, sunshades, and ornamental metal work. Baluster supports are also easily programmed to make cable railing, or cut to fit infinity glass railing. The structural possibilities within these machines are limitless.


Whether you are manufacturing thousands of the same handrail system or creating custom structural supports, Vernon Tool has the repeatability and versatility to complete the job.


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