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Turning roll versus chucking machines

Nov 5, 2017

roller bed
The primary advantage of Vernon Tool Pipe Cutting equipment is our roller bed and conveyor design that offers heavy-duty reliability, safe and simple operation, and efficient material handling. The powered pipe conveyors ensure optimum speed, maximum safety, machine longevity, and reduced labor hours. A single operator manages all loading and cutting operations from the operator’s control console.
rollersDuring cutting, the pipe is fully supported and rotated on a bed of turning rolls. Regardless of pipe size or cut complexity, set-up consists of merely raising or lowering and starting the cutting torch. Vernon Tool machines make all common cuts found in process, pressure vessel, and structural fabrication.
By comparison, chucking machines rotate pipe by clamping it in adjustable jaws. Typically, pipe is end-loaded and centered relative to the fixed height of the chuck. When the chuck cannot hold the weight of the entire length of pipe, outboard supports must be raised or lowered to support longer lengths. This complexity imposes stress on the machine and slows production.

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