Success Stories

Mar 12, 2013
The introduction of the VERNON Tool MPM-5 condensed the time-consuming process of layout, material loading and cutting into one automated step. [More] Ganotec West, Acheson, Alberta
Mar 11, 2013
Use of the pipe cutting machine was a key to saving time and money on the space frame fabrication. [More] Baltimore Aquarium, Baltimore, Maryland
Mar 11, 2013
“VERNON Tool™ has changed my perception; we are producing profiled tubes in 50% of the time and the conversion to this method was virtually painless with no down-time at all.” [More] Air Tractor, Inc., Olney, Texas
Sep 29, 2012
“VERNON Tool™ allows us to accommodate for numerous tube sizes and cutting requirements. An accurate cut means less work and potential for problems later on in the manufacturing process.” [More] Ranch Hand Truck Accessories, Shiner, TX