Engineering Team

Tony Buholzer

Tony Buholzer—Production Manager
Gewerblich Industrielle Berufschule Zofingen, Switzerland 1991


-New product development
-Collaborate with engineering teams globally.

Sheramie Tinsley

Sheramie Tinsley—Mechanical Engineer
Brigham Young University, Idaho: B.S. Mechanical Engineering—2011


-Design of plasma cutting tables
-Manufacturing Automation/Streamlining

Michael Fath

Michael Fath—Engineer
University of Maryland: B.S. Mechanical Engineering—1989
University of Nevada, Reno: B.S. Electrical Engineering—2012


-System Design
-System Analysis and Management

Andrew Huntington

Andrew Huntington—Engineer
California Institute of Technology: B.S. Engineering & Applied Science—1988


-Cost Reductions
-New Product Development

Jonathan Fikes

Jonathan Fikes—Research and Development Engineer


-Mechanical Design
-New Product Development